"The Children of Bahia"
is a charity that has been set up to support street children in Salvador, through an amazing local lady called Maria. (Charity No. 1091792)


Maria Davina Rodrigues is a small 75 year old Brazilian lady who lives in Salvador, Brazil. For the past 40 years she has worked tirelessly to help others, and now cares full time for over 30 abandoned children, some are only a few months old.

Maria does not turn anyone away, and whilst she provides a home for as many children as she can she also cares for the sick and homeless. Known as the "Black Mother" in Salvador (Mae Preta) she feeds up to 120 people a day who come to her door.Maria's small home is a slum located in one of the most dangerous areas in Salvador. The tin roof badly leaks, beds are the cold stone floor and food is scarce. Life is a constant struggle for them.

Maria gets no regular assistance apart from a few local ladies who help with the children. Sometimes when the children are sick local medical students offer their services free of charge. Maria relies completely on the kindness and generosity of people, and when we met her we knew we had to try and help. She is an amazing lady, who trusts in God and radiates goodness, charity and love. The first time we visited with our meeger donation of food and baby clothes she was so happy we had come to help her she cried and cried.

We desperately want to help Maria and so have set up "The Children of Bahia" as an official charity to provide more constant and reliable assistance. Donations received are sent directly to Maria to help her pay for food, medical supplies and bills. Eventually we hope to raise enough money to enable her to move into a safer and larger house, but in the short-term we aim to provide for more immediate concerns such as food, milk, baby clothes and essential repairs to the leaking roof.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. We know there are so many worthwhile charities, and it impossible to help everybody, but if you can spare a small donation or some time it will make a huge and direct difference to these very needy people.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made this possibe