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UK Charity No. 1091792

Selling Donated Items

Donating items to be auctioned or sold is a great way to raise money for Maria.

The person donating can provide something they have created themselves, that their company makes or sells, or maybe even something they have had sitting around for a while. Children of Bahia can then sell or auction the items to raise money! Other supporters can in turn buy things thus converting them into money, and they get something fabulous into the bargain!

We are also on the lookout for people to donate their time or services for auction - for example a days sailing on your boat, a visit to a race track, a week in an otherwise empty holiday home - anything that we can sell to raise finds for the new orphanage.

Below are a few fabulous items currently donated and for sale:

Amazing Japanese Doll in Bamboo & Glass Case

Click on any of the above images to enlarge them in a new window

This amazing doll has an equally interesting story. Presented over 30 years ago by a top Japanese businessman to an important British Colleague, it has been kept in an attic for all this time. This means it has not suffered any colour discolouration or bleaching from the sun and is "as new". Stunningly beautiful, with miniature jewellery, wonderful hair, bouquet of flowers and an amazing dress this lady is an early example of stylised western Japanese art - the face you can see is very similar in style to modern Japanese cartoons - with large eyes and a tiny nose.

We do not know what she is worth - any iformation would be greatly appreciated - or alternatively please do make an offer for her.

She is located at our office in Ringwood and we would advise collection as she would need to have a wooden box built to keep her safe in transit with a courier.

Dimensions of case: 59.5cm by 42.5cm by 36.5 cm (HUGE!)

Suggested asking price - Circa £300?

Three Stunning Paintings from Internationally Renowned Artist

Click on any of the above images to enlarge them in a new window

We were delighted to received these stunning original paintings by Internationally renowned artist Shaukat Kahn.

These are due to be auctioned in September 2005 at the Brazilian Embassy in London, however bids close to the guide price are welcomed now - there is an urgency to raise funds for the new orphanage and we would be willing to let these wonderful works go now for the right price.

You can find out more about Shaukat by visiting his website here

Paintings are 73x100 cm. Acrylic on canvas. unframed and Shaukat advises us that his original paintings usually sell for around £2500. They are currently at Shaukat's studio in Spain but will be in the UK shortly.

The painting on the left is inspired by Maria - the black mother.

If you have something you could donate to be auctioned or sold please do let us know - we hope to grow this area and when we have our new e-mail software we will start to run some on-line auctions on ebay and let you all know when items go up that are to benefit Maria & the children.

© 2005 Children of Bahia