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Many of the photographs used in our web site and literature have been taken by two photographers, and they have our thanks for a job very well done!

CLAUDE KÜHNE is origonally from Switzerland but now lives in Salvador. He is an accomplished professional photographer who has worked for the likes of National Geographic. Claude is setting up a hollistic school in Salvador and we will link to them once we have a web address. Many thanks Claude for the Wonderful Photos!!


Eduardo Tavares was born in Salvador in a very poor area called Alagados. Eduardo works full time as the doorman for a large building, but he is an accomplished photographer and in his spare time he has been documenting IBCM and The Wednesday Club for us. Many thanks Eduardo for the Fantastic Photos! You can see more of Eduardo's photos here


Please note that all photographs used are copyrite either of Claude, Eduardo or Children of Bahia - if you wish to use any of the images please contact us.

Links to some of our friends


Club Brazil
CLUB BRASIL are an independent Brazilian / Latin Jazz record label based in the United Kingdom who promote fabulous Brazilian music. They have been a great help - recebtly they donated all the music for a fund raising CD which will be availabel soon! http://www.latinmusic.co.uk


Street Angels
Street Angels UK are a Brighton based record label and charity organization whose aims are to aid the children of the streets of Brazil. They do great work and, like us, need all the support they can muster. Please do visit their site at http://streetangels.mrbongo.com


Children in Hunger
A a small UK based charity fighting child poverty in Brazil’s poorest northeast region and run by some very caring and hard working people!



Viva a Vida
Viva a Vida are a fabulous group of people who have opened a rehabilitation centre in Salvador for substance addicted street children. Gisella and her team have been a huge help to Ana with pleanty of practical and well informed advice. Do visit their web site at www.vivaavida.org


The Consortium for Street Children
The Consortium for Street Children (UK) (CSC) consists of 59 UK based organisations, working in 89 countries, dedicated to the welfare and rights of street living and working children and children at risk of taking to street life. http://www.streetchildren.org.uk



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