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SOMAR really does need a Minibus (March 07)

On our recent trip to Brazil one of the things that came through as most needed was a minibus. Ana is worried about the children walking to the centre, particularly the walking bus from Maria's. I have just had an email from her (8th March 2007) where she reports that two of the children broke holding hands and ran across the road.

When we were over there, Maria also asked us for a minibus or car for the shopping and bread deliveries. No one involved in SOMAR has a car, and it is not easy to run everything without some form of people and goods transport. It would also allow groups of children to be taken out for educational and fun visits, and enable more collaboration with other local NGO's. We would also use it to transport visitors and volunteers. In short, it would be well used.

We have a dilema. We have enough funds in the bank to run the Refuge and The Centre until August, leaving a shortfall of funding year. Whilst we are confident that we will meet this shortfall through fund raising activities (and with the invaluable support of our friends) we are not confident enough that we can take the £4,000 needed for a second hand minibus out of the available funds.

Vehicles are expensive in Brazil and despite a low general cost of living prices are comparable for a Minibus to here in the UK. £4,000 is about the minimum for a servicable safe Minibus. We do rent one occasionally (see picture) but this is very expensive and not something we can do often.

If anyone might have useful contacts, know a company or organisation who might sponsor a minibus, or even be feeling amazingingly generous please do let us know.

We would be delighted to feature a companies logo on the vehicle. Ana is also persuing this locally in Brazil but the sooner we can organise this the better and safer for all.

We also hope to make it available to other local NGO's working with street children such as Viva a Vida to enable them to take days out and move local donations.



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