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BBC Lifeline Appeal Video made for ABC

This is a video excerpt of a short Lifeline programme that the BBC made to raise awareness of ABC, Action for Brazil's Children. ABC have been a huge help to our little charity and have also visited Maria several times to take aid and offer assistance. When the BBC agreed to go to Brazil to film several ABC projects they asked if they could include Maria's Refuge.

Kirsty and I sat down to watch the programme on TV hoping to get a glimpse of Maria and we were amazed that a big part of the programme was dedicated to her. There were quite a few tears that night - we have not been able to get over to Brazil for some time (we pay any such costs ourselves) and it was a joy to see Maria, but a very bitter sweet moment as the films portrays very accurately their desperate situation.

This is an un-official edit of the programme showing the bits about Maria. We fully recognise the rights of the BBC and ABC and hope to get an official version up soon. In the meantime we hope neither organisation minds us showing this fabulous film.

As a result if the donations ABC received from this program they have made a generous three year commitment to supporting Children of Bahia. We received a grant from them last year, annother this year and are set to receive a further grant next year. This funding has been vital to helping us make imporvements to the refuge and open The child care centre, but as yet we do not have enough money to open a new residential refuge for Maria (but we are working hard on it!!). Please do read other parts of the site for the latest news.

It is quite a big file to download (10 MB).

Right click on the link below and choose "save to my computer" to get a copy. If you just hit the link you will have bit of a wait whilst the video tries to load into your browser but it should work - particularly if you are on broadband.

Download the video by right clicking here

or click on the link above to watch the film now

© 2005 Children of Bahia