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UK Charity 1091792

The Children of Bahia" is a small UK charity that has been set up to support street children in the state of Bahia in Brazil, and in particular homeless and impoverished children in and around the city of Salvador. One by one, we're trying to get children off the streets and into a loving home. Here are some of the projects we support.

The Wednesday Club - URGENT APPEAL!!

Early on Wednesday mornings a buss travels around the city of Salvador picking up street kids to go to the Wednesday Club. The kids call it "The Happy Bus" - and by the time it reaches it's destination it is packed full of children looking forward to a day of fun, play, good food, a shower, medical care, safety & love. For one day they can relax and be children, play, get taken care of, and when they leave they will be clutching a "Happy Bag" of food "for tomorrow". Find out more...

IBCM - The people who run the Wednesday Club

IBCM have been working in Salvador for 18 years and they focus on preventive work and aid to impoverished people. Many who live with HIV/AIDS. Find out more...

Vovo Clara - Project Grandma Clara's Dream

This community child care centre"Grandma Clara's Dream" is located in the neighborhood of Mata Escura, on the outskirts of the city of Salvador.

The objective of the centre is to provide children and adolescents in situations of extreme poverty with education and physical-social assistance, with the purpose of improving their physical and psychological development. Find out more...

Senoura Nilzete

Donna Nilzette is 78 years old and runs three houses looking after over 140 children. Why does Mrs. Nilzete do this work? She says: - I can't see a child suffering, a child crying - I just have to try and help them. Find our more...

Other Projects

We support several other projects including education development programs. We also support 12 children and several families directly - we will post more details soon on this - This site is a bit under construction but we will develop it further and bring you more news on all the projects soon!! (This written Jan 2009).

The more funds we can raise the more children we can support.

Please help if you can!

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