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Social Projects and work in the local community

One of the important roles of COB is providing support, advice and where possible practical assistance to parents, guardians and deprived families.

Working to help the family and community as a whole is important for the well being of the children, and a necessary social service in its own right.

Over the past year there have been some notable successes. Several of the children are now able to attend the local schools. Ana and Osvaldo have worked to encourage some of the local mothers to become registered, and in turn have also helped to register their children. Now that they officially exist they are able to send their children to school and receive certain very limited benefits from the government.

Illiteracy rates are high amongst local adults and children alike, and many local families who are well below the poverty line are not aware of benefits they might be able to receive, nor able to apply for them. COB have organised a number of "mothers meetings" with local mothers to let them know what help is available and to assist them in attaining it.

We have also made a couple of "micro donations" helping for example one lady who took in a couple of homeless children to make some simple improvements to her house and water supply.

We hope to do more such work in the future. Osvaldo used to work in an office and we hope to offer a full "citizens advice" service where families in difficulty can come for support and guidance. No such facility exists in the area.

We will keep you advised of any developments on this front. We do not have a fund for direct help, but will do what we can as and when COB encounters a situation where such help is warranted.

In the future we hope to offer an assisted fostering and adoption service, helping families who otherwsie could not afford to take in children but who have a willingness and desire to do so. It will never be profitable for them to do so, but rather we can assist with clothes, food, home improvements, school uniforms and the like, and the children will be found a place at a local school or education project.


Ana is working with other local NGO's in discussions on this, and we hope to develop local and community support as an important part of COBs future development.

Anyone interested in assisting with funding such activities, or are aware of any organisations who might be willing to consider an application for such work, please do get in touch.


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