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UK Charity No. 1091792


Who Runs Children of Bahia?


The trustees of the charity in the UK are:

Iain & Kirsty Beveridge (pictured above with Maria) and Paul & Ann Harley (Kirsty's Parents). If anything happens to us (Iain & Kirsty) then Paul and Ann would step in and take over the day to day running of the charity and new trustees would be appointed (you have to plan for worst case scenario).

We met Maria almost three years ago on a trip to Salvador and as we drove away we knew we had to do something to help these people. We were never quite the same after meeting Maria, you think you are doing good and helping, and then you meet someone completely selfless who has dedicated their life to saving children in real need, and you feel pretty humble.

In Salvador

In Salvador our project manager is Ana - Find out more about Ana here

We also have several other regular volunteers including Alberto who origonally introduced us to Maria.

We are assembling a local board of trustees to oversea the new NGO in Salvador, and we look forward to providing more information on both the board and the NGO shortly.

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