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Here are fund raising opportunities that are crying out for corporate sponsors!

The Wednesday Club

The most important project to fund and expand right now id The Wednesday Club – please see the main page on the club in the projects section.

Packets of Sunflower Seeds (with your logo on)

A major UK seed supplier have offered us our own unique packets of seeds (seeds of our choice) which they would print up with our own packet design promoting Children of Bahia. These seeds can then be used to encourage people to make a donation.

The minimum economic production run is 5000 units and the cheapest price (pretty much their cost!) is 20p per pack (plus VAT). So thats circa £1000 + VAT = £1175

We would sell the seed packets in a variety of ways (several supporters have already show great intrest in selling a pile of packets) for a donation of £1 each (minimum). The usual retail price of these seeds between £1.50 and £2.00 per packet depending on the seeds we choose.

This means that if the seed packets are donated we would look to relaise a minimum donation of £5,000, multiplying your donation by almost 5 times!

Again, your organisation would be welcome to have a “sponsored by” and logo featured on the packet.

Direct Sponsorship of Projects in Brazil

We are trying to support several projects in the Salvador area who are working to improve the lives of dis-advantaged children. We are not able to provide much money, but we have been succesful in attaining a grant for one project by completing the grant application paperwork for them. We have been asked by two further projects to see if we are able to find them benefactors.

Many organisations need urgent help. Some need working capital, others premesis from which to operate or to expand to help more children, others are seeking supportes to help purchase land on which childrens refuges, schools, community centres and rehabilitation projects can be sited.

If your organisation, or indeed you, have an inclination to help children drectly and have funds available please do contact for more information on projects working to provide a future for children who really do need our support.

There are corporate benefits available such as naming a centre or building after the donating organisation.

CD of Brazilian Music (with your Logo on!)

The CD of Brazilian Music has ben kindly sponsored by The Persula Foundation and will be available in 2009. More details on this soon!!

Other Ideas

If you have any other ideas on corporate sponsorship we would love to hear from you!

Please help

if you can


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