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We run the charity completely free of charge - every penny donated goes directly to help the children with the exception of some very minor expenses.

The number of ways you can donate below makes it look like we are a big charity. We are not, but we have tried to "set up everything" to make it as easy for people to donate as possible.

You Can Make A Donation
Online Now

Children of Bahia has teamed up with so anyone wishing to help can now donate money on-line using your credit card. You can also make regular monthly donations automatically.

This is the best way for us to receive money as any tax rebate is automatically added thus saving us having to make a submission to the Inland Revenue for Gift Aid for each donation. That means we get another 28% or 40% on top of your donation automatically if you qualify for gift aid, which you do if you pay tax in the UK.

You can now have your own sponsorship page on-line!!

You can have your own fund raising page on – so anyone wishing to help can now raise money quickly and easily online with their own personalised webpage.

You can set up your own web page about your sponsorship event and friends and family will be able to donate online – so no more running around with paper sponsorship forms, or chasing cheques and cash after your event. To set up your page today visit or call 0800 028 6183 for more details.

This is a really great way to raise money. Think of something to do, like a sponsored walk or event of some kind. Then set up your free page and e-mail all your friends, colleagues and family to ask them to sponsor you.

By cheque or postal order

Please send a cheque or postal order made payable to Children of Bahia to :
Children of Bahia
76 Whipton Lane
Heavitree, Exeter.
Devon. EX1 3DN

Please note: We are unable to accept non UK cheques without notification. USA cheques can be banked but cost US$35 to bank in the UK bank. We hope to have US banking facilities soon, and to be able to issue IRS 501 recipts to US donors but it is all a bit complecated to set up – were doing our best !! 🙂

Make a regular donation by Direct Debi

A small donation each month will make a huge and direct difference. If we can get 200 people to donate £10 a month each it will pay the running costs of several projects we are trying to help.

Please download and complete this direct debit mandate and send it to:
The Children of Bahia
76 Whipton Lane
Heavitree, Exeter.
Devon. EX1 3DN

Here is the DDM in WORD 97 format and here again in PDF format

You can also make regular donations billed monthly to your credit card by using the JustGiving system.


A legacy to a charity in your will is a lasting memorial to your generosity and concern for others. Many charities rely heavily on legacy donations to fund their work.

There are several ways to leave legacies to people or organisations in your will, and any legacy you leave to charity is free from inheritance tax.

Your solicitor will be able to best advise you how to do this, however if you do have any questions please contact us for further information.

Donate something other than money

We have had some fabulous donations of Artwork, Dolls and other valuable items which we auction to raise funds. If you have something of value to donate we would be delighted to receive it and you can rest assured we will do our utmost to realise the best price for it.

We are also awaiting notification that you can donate money from your ebay auctions to Children of Bahia. More on this soon.

Babies clothes, bottles, food etc.

Many thanks for all the fabulous donations of clothes, nappies, babies bottles, pencils , colouring books etc. We have now stopped sending aid parcels out as it is not cost effective unless someone is traveling over. However, if you are going to visit do please take anything you think might be useful – we can arrange to have it collected from your hotel or when you visit one of the projects. .

Please help

if you can


The Children of Bahia
76 Whipton Lane
Heavitree, Exeter.
Devon. EX1 3DN

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