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IBCM have been working in Salvador for 18 years and they focus on preventive work and aid to impoverished people. Many who live with HIV/AIDS. IBCM currently carry out the following work, but hope with our support to help many more people:

  • Aid to 15 families with HIV/AIDS that used to live on the streets and are now on houses rented and totally maintained by the institution. The funds to pay the rents are provided by family members, friends and and sponsors. Without these houses the families would be living on the streets.
  • Aid to 40 children, ageing from 2 to 6 years who have HIV/AIDS. Residential and drop in nursery which provides individual treatment plans, medical care as well as education & fun!.
  • Weekly club with up to 80 street children, including breakfast, lunch, educational activities, social assistance and medical checking (see The Wednesday Club)

Project Director (unpaid!) Donna Conceicao says: “The vast majority of street children and teenagers run away from their homes due to mistreatment. This is why is pointless to send them back to their families straight away, but we need somewhere to host them overnight. In order to know them better we want to open a place where they can feel safe and at ease.

To win their trust we try to answer their immediate needs, to offer them a place where they can look after themselves, take a shower and do their laundry, have something to eat and importantly talk to adults who counsel them as friends.

We have started the work with the Wednesday club – but it would be better to have a place where the children can come at any time to get access to basic hygiene, nutrition, medical care and education, allowing them to build up a positive image of themselves and acting increasingly with independence and confidence in their capacities. A positive place where drugs and violence are not allowed, a place for the ones who wish to get off a life on the streets.”

Children of Bahia are currently helping to fund as many Wednesday clubs as we can and aim to provide greater support to the amazing work of IBCM over the coming months and years.

The more funds we can raise the more children we can support.

Please help if you can!

Please help

if you can


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