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Patrons & corporate sponsorers needed

We are actively seeking a patron or corporate sponsor who could assist with rasing the profile of our charity and the street children who need us all.

If they also are able to assist with raising funds that would be FAB!

If you know anyone you think might be interested, particularly if they have links with or an intrest in Brazil or the plight of Street Children please do tell them about us.

Patrons could help by:

• being named on group literature / publicity material
• being interviewed in the media
• generating media coverage
• hosting or attending fundraising or other events
• raising funds by encouraging contributions and sponsorship
• contributing to the public image of COB
• attracting new supporters

Any of the above would be great! All would be a edream come true!!

Similarly we are very keen to work with any companies who might be intrested in supporting the plight of street children in Brazil. We have lots of ideas and would welcome any opportunity to discuss such possabilties, or any advice on applying to become a supported charity.

Please help

if you can


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